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SIP proposes using the ADAPTive systems by EAW, the most technologically advanced loudspeaker system, to further address Bottlerock's largest issue:  Noise control and bleed from stage to stage - and into surrounding communities.

The ADAPTive Systems deliver infinitely customizable, venue specific coverage with such precision that the acoustical impact can be virtually eliminated

To achieve an overall better user experience for the patrons and guests, ADAPTive Systems have the unique ability to assess and then perfectly match the three-dimensional coverage requirements of any venue, including outdoor festival setting. These fully-integrated systems utilize a high-resolution array of discretely powered and processed acoustical devices to create optimized results at show speed. Nothing ever has to move. Software and processing alone will ensure optimal audience coverage and minimize the noise pollution  of any festival outside of its desired perimeters. 

Currently, line array systems require significant time and effort on room modeling and precision box-to-box angles prior to flying the sound system. If there is a miscalculation, the sound system must be lowered and re-hung. With ANYA, the sound system can be flown first, even without modeling. There are no box-to-box angles, and the trim height can be determined by sight lines in real time.
— Dave Rat, Founder of Rat Sound & FOH Engineer, Red Hot Chili Peppers
“From mix position to any position in the venue, it’s hard to mentally process how consistent this system is and how easily we achieved it. It has the purest impulse response I’ve ever gotten off of a PA system. The acoustic phase response is just breathtaking!”
— Robert Scovill, FOH Engineer, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers


Outdoor Festival_new SPL scale_contour lines.png


Things change. ADAPT.

All ADAPTive Systems can autonomously determine their array configuration, continuously analyze every system element and even heal the system coverage in the unlikely event of a fault. Every aspect of system transport, handling, configuration, optimization, monitoring and maintenance has been considered and optimized to ensure maximum performance with minimal effort. Simply put, these systems will forever change the world of sound reinforcement. 

Beyond fidelity, impact and consistency – ADAPTive Systems provide spectacular ability to quickly react when things change. And things always change. When faced with the need to change trim height, move barricades, cover the VIP area, not cover the VIP area, add more fill, address noise complaints, modify the stage volume or even compensate for the weather – the only thing you have to move is a mouse.



Large scale festival APPLICATIONS. 

Even in the largest outdoor festival setting - for more than 100,000 attendees, 24 Anya modules per side produces a consistent 105 dB SPL from 20 feet/6 meters from the stage out to 500 feet/150 meters without difficulty and without delay towers.

Gila River Arena 24 Otto reduced power alley.JPG
Otto RedRocks 12 per side.JPG

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